Dmitri Capyrin

Incarnation of Colour 


The musical stage composition Incarnation of Colour for three artists, three dancers, a chamber ensemble and a tape was ordered by the Berlin Academy of Arts in 1995. There is an idea of synthesis of music and other kinds of art that lies on its base. It is the colour that has become the main constituent which unites music, painting and plastic.
The musical ensemble is conditionally divided into three groups: 1st a flute, a clarinet; 2nd a violin, a cello; 3rd a piano, percussions. Each of the groups corresponds to its own colour spectrum (i.e. an artist incarnating this spectrum) and plastic form (i.e. its own dancer).
Painting features of each of the three artists correspond to musical lines and micro tunes of each of the three groups of the ensemble. Plastic of each of the three dancers also derives from them.
All these Colour and plastic groups are gradually appearing first in music, then in painting to be embodied further in dance. At first they exist as if they do not depend on each other and only afterwards they begin to interact.
Pictures of each of the artists move to adjoining area occupying more and more room, mixing with and replacing one another other. (Artists depict a plant on their pictures. It may be some flower or a tree, and it looks like it constantly grows in the process of creation.) The same thing is happening to dancers.
A phonogram joins the sound of the ensemble. Therere heard the same instruments as on the stage. It looks as if the ensemble divides into two parts and instead the six part score, the twelve part score can be heard.
Gradually timber of the musical instruments in the phonogram starts its deformation more and more taking electronic inflection.
All this evolution instead of anticipated synthesis and alliance of these three spheres leads to cataclysm.
Musical substance falls to pieces and there between them long pauses bit by bit arise. All is dieing and only at the very end of the composition a new motion springs up as an echo or a possibility of a new attempt of incarnation, of evolution. 

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